Public Holidays in Ontario (only - no other Provinces)

Because all publicly available calendars include each and every holiday for every Canadian province, and we couldn't find any proper calendar with holidays for just selected Province(s), we decided to make it ourselves. Thus this calendar was born...
First created in 2009, it has been updated to the end of 2012 2015 2021.
Includes all statutory Public Holidays in the Province of Ontario only, and
additionally few commonly observed non-holidays some of you have asked for (such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc).

How to add it to Google Calendar:
Open your Google Calendar (or click HERE to open it in a new page or tab).
Next simply copy our Ontario Holidays calendar 's address:
 and (on the page of your own Google Calendar) paste it in the box where it says "Add a friend's calendar", as shown in the picture. Then press ENTER on your keyboard and that's all, it will appear immediately in your own calendar.

How to add it to other Calendars:   
Depending on what you use, select either XML, iCAL (Mac and iOS devices use this) or HTML format to download the file named "basic", then simply import it to your calendar.

The "Public Holidays in Canada (Ontario)" calendar has been made available to public for FREE only for personal, non-commercial personal use. Any commercial use, including non-profit organizations and government and public service companies, is prohibited without obtaining licence.
Calendar - Public Holidays in Canada (Ontario) ->

Licence fees:
- personal use: FREE
- organizations with less than 25 employers and/or volunteers: $10 CAD
- organizations with 25 or more employees and/or volunteers: $100 + $1 per each employee or volunteer.
Add taxes where applicable.
To obtain licence email calendar's creator.

Jours fériés calendrier au Québec seulement

Désolé, ce calendrier est plus disponible