All presented samples have been cut to 10sec, while actual video's length is usually at least 30sec or more

WARNING: most include original, unedited sound, which sometimes is LOUD!
(it might be good idea to turn down your speakers or computer volume first)

Raw footage correction examples


  • RESOLUTION: 1080p (very few 1080i, 2K or 4K) 
  • FRAMERATE: 24p mostly (or 23.976fps, very few 30p or 60i) 
  • BITRATE: 50Mbps or higher (very few at 25Mbps) 
  • FORMATS: HDV (.m2ts), AVCHD (.m2t or .mp4), REDCODE RAW (.r3d) 
  • COLORS, CONTRAST, etc: raw camera footage (plain/"flat" without any adjustments, and yes: we can do color corrections and other processing for you)


  • Pay once and use many times  -  Unless stated otherwise, you are granted a non-exclusive rights to the footage you have paid for. It means: once you buy our footage you are free to use it in whole or in portion as many times as you want, in as many projects as you will do, for your entire lifetime. However, (unless stated otherwise) we always reserve the copyrights and we retain ownership of the footage and/or soundtrack. It means you can NOT sell, re-sale, lend or give the footage purchased from us (or any portion of) to someone/anyone else. That's our standard agreement and it is very fair in our opinion. We are artists and content producers ourselves, however WE DON'T AGREE with RIAA, MPAA and other legalized cartels created by greedy corporations with help of crooked lawmakers for the sole purpose of reaping more monies from the public under false pretenses of "protecting" the artists. No one should pay twice (or more times!) for the same content that they have paid for already! Again, to further clarify the obvious: you means person and/or company under which name footage has been purchased from us;  we means Triple Eight Productions and/or our cooperating artist(s) holding the copyrights to the footage or sound.
  • Buy Out  -  Unless stated otherwise, you receive full ownership and all rights to the footage you have paid for.


  • OUR GUARANTEE: always avilable! We guarantee to keep copy of stock footage for as long as we will exist, and we do actively keep and maintain our audio and video library since year 2000. (SERVER STATUS HERE)




Yes, we also make certain stock footage by request too!
  • We cooperate with cinematographers in various locations in North America and Europe, thus we are able to do it really quick and at lowest cost possible.