Video Editing

We use only industry standard's editing tools to do it right the first time on dedicated AVID Media Composer workstations.

editing sample

sample of absolutely worst footage possible - filmed in a a very dark conditions without light ‎‎‎(as requested by client)‎‎‎ before processing

Advertising Photo Slideshow ‎‎‎‎‎[3-D converted to Red/Cyan Anaglyph]‎‎‎‎‎

Photo-slideshow example 4

And we fix home videos too. From poor quality home movies on 8mm reels or VHS into little film gems on DVD or BluRay - including shakiness removal, color adjustment, sound repair, and while we're at it - we can spruce it up with captions and titles too...

shaky pocket camera footage processing

Madame Soo Cho Cho Exhibition Grand Opening

Please NOTE: Although occasionally we also use other tools when needed, we do stay away from any prosumer Apple software!
(therefore we CAN NOT use your Final Cut workflows, if that's what you use)