What does it mean "Disc Production Service"?

It means we provide complete solution, from a mere "idea" to a complete finished product - including filming, editing, mastering, duplication, printing inserts and art on discs - simply everything.


Let's follow example of one of our clients...
Mister Chan is a well-established, multi-talented Canadian artist - he sing, he paints, and he work professionally as an actor.
Previously working with us many times in the past years, Mr. Chan already had accumulated some music videos and plenty of audio materials recorded by our team, as well as many commercial DVDs featuring his acting and appearances. Having all that, he decided it was a time to have his own DVD which he would give out to guests during his upcoming Art Exhibition; however it couldn't have been just ordinary "slideshow of paintings' photos slapped on a disc", or some simple compilation of his music videos, but a complete "solution" that would actually showcase all of his talents: from watercolor and oil paintings, through samples of his acting skills taken from various commercial films and tv series, to his musical abilities.
Sadly, because he needed only few hundred discs, and because his budget for this was rather limited, his idea of such disc was either deemed "unworthy" ($$$$) or flat-out rejected for various reasons by all the studios and video houses he approached for help with this project. Fortunately, he didn't forgot about us, the Triple Eight Productions :) Mister Chan's DVD-Video produced by Triple Eight Productions
For us the only real potential problem was printing the "small amount" of the full color glossy disc inserts (because 400 is a very small quantity by professional offset-printing shop's standards), but once we have contacted and secured long-run cooperation with one of the well-established Printing Shops, we were able to meet Mister Chan's price range he had in mind for all of this...
Our team "assembled" all of his videos, clips, tv and motion picture excerpts with Mr. Chan's performances, as well as his television interviews and home videos from his concerts, performances and exhibitions. Then we arranged, edited, converted and formatted all of the materials into suitable audio and video formats, and in the same time our graphics designer created case covers and disc art (see pictures).
We have contacted one of our cooperating music composers from Germany - Mr. Zerbig - for additional 10min-long music score needed for Mr. Chan's "Paintings" showcase short film (that's the music in the video on top of this page). 
Finally, once the Master Disc was approved by Mr. Chan, we had the discs and inserts printed in required quantity. We even have scoured all our suppliers for matching white-color cases, as per Mr. Chan's request, and lastly we have personally delivered all completed discs to the Gallery, right on time for Mr. Chan's Art Exhibition's Grand Opening...

To contact Mr. Chan by email click HERE (email address published with permission)

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