Jazz. Sax. Cuba!
Chicho was born and raised in Cuba.
He plays saxophone since childhood, and for more than 20 years tourists in various vacation resorts and hotels across Cuba have been constantly praising and enjoying his live performances and concerts.
Now you don't have to go to Cuba to warm your heart and ears with Chicho's fantastic sax - you can order it delivered and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. Chicho's CD was recorded during hot Cuban winter and is not perfect because each song is an actual recording taken during live sessions with his band in front of an audience, recorded and arranged by Chicho himself on his aging analog equipment (yes, he is still using reel-to-reel recorder, 6-track analog mixer and such). The tapes of his own selections choice have been then digitally remastered for CD in our studio:

"Chicho y su sax romantico"
(Chicho and His Romantic Sax)

Track list / TOC:
  1. Chica de Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema) [Antônio Carlos Jobim]
  2. My Way [Claude François]
  3. Yesterday [Paul McCartney, John Lennon]
  4. Over the Rainbow [Harold Arlen]
  5. Misty [Erroll Garner]
  6. Tenderly [Walter Gross]
  7. La sombra de tu sonrisa [Johnny Mandel, Pablo Beltrán Ruiz]
  8. Mañana de carnaval (acurrucado) [Luiz Bonfá]
  9. Mañana de carnaval [Luiz Bonfá]
  10. Sometime [Gus Kahn]
  11. Mack the Knife [Kurt Weill]
  12. Guantanamera [José Fernández]
  13. Unforgettable [Irving Gordon]
  14. Bésame mucho [Consuelo Velázquez]
  15. Dancing Queen [Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus]
  16. Quizás, quizás, quizás [Osvaldo Farrés]
  17. Don't Go Shine [Arthur Kent, Dave Mann]
  18. Perfidia [Alberto Domínguez]
Total CD playing time: 77 minutes

Each Compact Disc is shipped in a properly padded envelope and carefuly secured and protected in a standard slim jewel case, with original artwork in color on the disc and printed on high quality glossy paper insert, with Chicho's signature, hand-written with metallic gold marker (placed on the covers of the first 100 shipped copies on a first-come, first-served basis)
All gone, sorry :-( 
This limited offer is available while supplies last.


  • Physical Media
Compact Disc CAT.8881604141301, PRE-ORDERS (with signature):   $25.00 (USD) Worldwide
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As of July we offer CD-R copies too. Price is $18 USD (incl. shipping) 
  • Digital Media
Single tracks in low quality AAC/MP4 video format to listen on YouTube: FREE   HERE

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